Adult forums for Lent, March to April

Adult Forum meets in the library, from 9:15-10:15.  We dig deep with an open spirit into theology, scripture, societal issues and ethics.   The childcare center is open downstairs during this time.  Grab a cup of coffee on the way in, if you like, and join us!

March 5, 12 – Mark Bertelsen leads a discussion on John’s gospel, which we’ll be hearing from on Sundays in Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and at the Easter Vigil. There will be some historical background on the origin of John’s gospel and discussion of themes such as the identification of Jesus as God.

March 19, 26 – John Allured leads a discussion of church and state in the Lutheran tradition: “The policies of the Trump administration have provoked widespread discussions, debates, and demonstrations concerning, among other things, the relationship between religion and government. What were Luther’s views on this subject? Did his views play a part in the development of the separation of church and state as reflected in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution? What are current issues of church and state, and what can Lutherans do to advocate for legislative and political goals? In a two-part discussion we will examine these issues through excerpts from Luther, other Reformers, Enlightenment thinkers, and our own Founding Fathers, bringing our discussion forward to the events of today. Join us as we explore theology, philosophy, and politics!”

April 2, possibly also the 9th: Don Knuth will discuss recent progress on a major composition for pipe organ on which he’s been spending his spare time during the past five years. This work, Fantasia Apocalyptica, is a faithful translation of the Biblical book of Revelation into musical idioms, based on the original Greek text, together with four accompanying video tracks.