New here?

Welcome, whether you’re just curious or looking for a new church home, uncertain about belief in God or a lifelong Christian.   People are sometimes uneasy when they first visit a church.  At FLC (First Lutheran Church), you will be greeted warmly.

Our pastors are happy to meet and talk more about the church.  We regularly host gatherings where newcomers can get to know members and talk about our stories, questions, and faith.  Join us for worship (and stay after for coffee if you’d like) or try joining us for any other event.

Describe FLC?

We’re an historic downtown church, eager to be a helpful presence in our changing neighborhood.

The sanctuary is cozy and beautiful.  Parents relax into their pews; their children might be coloring at the craft table in the back.  Some drive long distances to experience the moving sacred music.  Some might be planning what to serve with cajun meatloaf and Zydeco at the next dinner for struggling neighbors in East Palo Alto.  During worship you might hear deeply felt prayer concerns and a good belly laugh.

At FLC there’s openness, appreciation for one another, and spiritual depth combined with passion to serve. We’re a LGBTQ friendly community.  We embrace marriage equality.

What is a Lutheran church?

We don’t always like how Christianity is portrayed – really, misrepresented – in the media: anti-science, judgmental, afraid of the world.  Have we forgotten about grace?  Martin Luther, in the 16th century, emphasized that God’s generosity in this world and mercy is so total as to seem scandalous.  We’re set free from having to validate our own worth or moral rightness, so we can embrace life, reason and empathy.  Well known Lutherans include the joyful J.S. Bach and the courageous Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Protestants who identify with the Lutheran confessions are now prominent in many places around the world, such as Tanzania and Indonesia.  Lutheran efforts in addressing poverty and in disaster relief are important on a global scale.