Getting into Breeze:   You should receive a separate email today inviting you to create an account and login.  When you do, visit web you will be taken to our Breeze website:  You can also access Breeze through our public website, medications – look for the “Members” link at the bottom of the homepage.  The information on Breeze is only visible when you’re logged in to your account.

Once you get into Breeze, here’s what you can do:

Click on the “People” tab to access the member directory.  The people who appear are current members and participants at First Lutheran (information on friends of the congregation not appearing here is kept on file in the church office).  From this member directory, you can:

  1. View online directory: Scroll through photos or type a name into “filter by name,” click on the person and you can see their contact information.
  1. View and correct your own information: click on your name / image.  You’ll see information about yourself that no one else can see except a couple of administrators.  Notice that “family” typically lists only dependent children living at home.

Some information may be inaccurate.  This project has involved incorporating information from multiple older written and digital information systems.  You can update your own basic contact information – click on “main” and “click to edit section.”  If there are other inaccuracies or questions, let us know. 

  1. Send an email to all current FLC members / participants: Click on “email people” on the right side or (mobile) bottom of the screen, write your message and click “send.”  PLEASE NOTE: this function replaces “efirstwords” which uses a list that’s out of date.
  1. Print your own directory: On the right side / bottom of screen, click on “export” and then, when you see a drop down menu with “format,“ choose “directory.” The tiny pencil in the lower left corner of the screen will allow you to choose how you want the directory to look.  Click “download.”  The directory will be downloaded to your computer, and from there, you can print it.

Want to contact just one group within the church?  Click on the “tags” tab.  There you will find a list of groups (tags) such as choir, council, and the various koinonia groups.  Click on the group you want to contact, and on the right side / bottom of the screen, “email people.”

A special thanks to our communications team: Jim, Susan, Joyce and especially Jill for much hard work in choosing and setting up this new system!  We’ll let you know when we add new features.  If you have questions or concerns, let us know!

If you want detailed instructions and videos (not all of which may apply to our configuration of Breeze) try this website.