German Night

Saturday, August 12 at 5:30pm

We’re planning a German style supper including sauerkraut and sausage, followed by a session where you can learn to write like this:

In Luther’s day all printed matter was produced with this kind of an alphabet, called black-letter. It’s kind of hard for us to read nowadays, but it’s actually fun to write. The lower case letters follow rules that are easier to learn than the Roman alphabet we learned in first or second grade. The upper case letters are fancier and have more scope for flourishes.

We’ll look at some of the documents from Luther’s time — the Ten Commandments, the Small Catechism, Luther’s Bible, and others. Then after we’ve learned the basic alphabet, each of us will write out a line or phrase or idea that we’ve found especially inspiring, based on these old documents.

All are welcome, even little kids (who will probably do better than some of us old folks!)

Invite your bookish friends who are interested in this kind of thing. We’ll have good food and lots of fun.