Sundays, Lent to Palm Sunday 2017

Lenten Theme - "One on One with God in Christ."

Much of the New Testament is addressed to the community: “You (plural) are the body of Christ.”  But we believe God also speaks to us – to me – as an individual, addressing me about my path, my personal questions and issues.  It’s an astonishing belief: that God’s voice goes out to each and every individual, including those forgotten or abandoned by everyone else.  Luther teaches us to say in the catechism, “Christ has redeemed me … freed me … that I may belong to him.”

At Sunday worship, we’ll hear stories from John’s gospel about the eternal God of the Universe, become flesh in Jesus (John 1:15), interacting one on one with individuals: engaging in conversation, asking for a drink of water, rubbing mud on someone’s eyes, calling a friend from the tomb – and then, washing feet, bowing his head to accept a crown of thorns. Our liturgy will fit the theme: we’ll do more singing without accompaniment, to share the personal intimacy that comes with trying to match voices.  We’ll use a thematic hymn during all of Lent: at 8:30, “Tree of Life and Awesome Mystery” and at 10:30, “On my heart imprint your image.”

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