September schedule and theme: our neighbors, our mission

We pastors and the church council would like to invite others into the conversation about goals and the mission of the church. We’ve drafted a statement of vision we’re hoping might give focus to our future efforts and prayers – which can be found here.  We’d like your input.

Coincidentally (providentially?), the bible readings for worship in September connect nicely with themes from this vision. So, during September and into October, we’ll be addressing mission and vision topics in sermons, we’ll be hosting conversation opportunities, and we’ll have a fellowship hall display about our mission.

September 6 (Labor Day Weekend) – one worship service.
8:30 conversation: Who is our neighbor?
9:30 Worship, sermon on James 2: church and divisions within society.

September 13 “Rally Day” as Holy Cross Sunday, one worship service, beginning of Sunday School, welcome to Luçik Aprahämian
8:30 conversation: What is our mission?  Craft for kids with Wendy.
9:30 Worship, sermon on Mark 8: Christ the way forward and the processional cross as fitting symbol.
10:30 fellowship and reception welcoming our new music and choir director, Luçik Aprahämian.  Distribution of bibles, meet your teacher.

September 20 – on this Sunday, we’re back to two services!
8:30 and 10:30 sermon on Mark 9: a child at the center, Christ in community.
9:15 conversation: Who is our neighbor?

September 27
8:30 and 10:30 sermon on Mark 9: “Whoever is not against us is for us” – connecting with neighbors.
9:15 conversation: What is our mission?

October 4
8:30 and 10:30 sermon on Mark 10: grace embraces all.
12:00 lunch conversation on vision, please rsvp with a pastor.

About the conversations:

We’re dividing the conversation into two parts “our neighbors” and “our mission.” It’s a lot to cover: for now, we’re getting some ideas out there and beginning to identify questions for future exploration. We’re doing each conversation twice, at different times – so you have 8:30 or 9:15 options. Additionally, we can host a noon lunch conversation October 4th, with childcare, but we ask that you rsvp for this option.


Our neighbors: what is FLC’s “parish?” Are we here for fellow Lutherans? Fellow Christians? The neighborhood(s)? How does church life reflect or challenge divisions in society? What can we learn about our neighbors? What if people aren’t looking for the “right” church – or any church? What can’t we know about our neighbors, except through relationships with them? What it’s like to meet Christ in the presence of neighbors?

Our mission: what is FLC’s mission? Maybe we’d like to increase attendance or membership, but is the focus promoting our church or the gospel? (And what about that “e” word – “evangelism?”) Certainly, social action and charity are important – “doing for” – but how do we also “connect with?” We’ll talk about grace, cross bearing, and how it’s God who is in mission before we join in.

Detroit youth gathering

Our FLY teens just returned from an amazing ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit.  It was 5 busy days of fellowship, service, and beginning to learn and share our own faith stories. We got to listen to and be inspired by great speakers, music, dance, and worship. It is clear that ELCA teen’s experience God and live out and experience their faith in many ways.  There was a lot of excitement and energy around the themes of making the world a better place through social action and relationship building in our teen’s experience in Detroit. It was really an amazing, fun, and inspiring experience! We look forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks about our experience in Detroit.


Bread giving life to the world

Sundays this summer at 9:30 – gifts of compassion, healing wisdom, mind sustenance for our way of life, with special focus on John 6.

July 26 – the sharing of bread
August 2 – life for the world
August 9 – our hunger and thirst
August 16 – strange wisdom
August 23 – words of life