A Message from our Sister Congregation

July 23, 2019

God of life and hope be with you always

I hereby gladly share that on July 28 we will celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Church of Ríos de Agua Viva. Bishop Medardo Gómez will perform the solemn cult, where he will also anoint the sick and those who are not sick but want to be anointed with oil. God has given our Bishop the Gift of Health with the laying on of hands and always the congregation of Rivers of Living Water participates in this anointing. I also share that in this worship will have a baptism of Andrea of 10 years old, who is happy that now she says I will be a true Lutheran Christian.

I will send to pictures of Church anniversary celebration.

I enclose some photographs of Church members receiving a family kit that was donated to us by a Lutheran Church from the USA.

Rev. Vilma Rodríguez


Iglesia Luterana “Ríos de Agua Viva”