A Special Appeal: FLC Zoom Worship, Next Steps

Our online presence on zoom remains a real gift, even with the pandemic behind us.  It allows us to provide a worship connection with the homebound, those who live far away, are traveling or are new to the church but not ready to visit in person.  Our current equipment setup, however, was meant to be temporary.  We’d like to take the next steps to set up a better system that will keep us on zoom for years to come, and we could use your help in doing so.  Here’s the plan:

  1. Declutter the sanctuary.  Currently, a large computer cart stands right next to the lectern, three microphones are on stands, and various wires are taped to the floor.  It’s unsightly, sometimes a tripping hazard, and difficult to remove or replace as needed for a concert or recital.  Let’s relocate what we need to the balcony, leaving our sanctuary clean and beautiful.
  2. Install more versatile video and audio.  Some of our current equipment was scrapped together from what we had around, and some is on loan.  Let’s get more suitable equipment, such as …
    1. Two good cameras installed in the balcony: you’ll be able to see more of what’s going on in the sanctuary, zooming in close as needed, and not be limited to the one lectern view.  
    2. A new audio interface, enabling us to use existing wireless and hanging microphones, so you can hear more clearly what people say or sing all around the sanctuary.

Other equipment is needed as well, such as a computer that’s capable of running the equipment (we’re happy to share details). We are blessed to have FLC members and friends who are able and willing to put this system together on a volunteer basis.  Estimated total cost including equipment, installation (with hired labor as needed) and incidentals is: $8000.

We invite you to make a gift to help cover this cost, in support FLC’s future online presence!  Checks can be made out to First Lutheran, with “zoom worship” on the “for” line.  If you’d like to make a gift using paypal, just send a note along to the Financial Secretary using this link.

If we’re able to raise funds above what’s needed, excess funds can be applied for further facility improvements, such as audio and video equipment for the fellowship hall.

Zoom worship equipment team: Dick Grote, Michael Angeletti, Kelly Harrington, Jeff Grafton, Pastor Bernt