Slow Read: Genesis 1-12

February and March 2022. We dig deep with an open spirit into questions of faith and life. Forum meets at 9am Sundays. Use the Sunday worship zoom link (website front page) or join us (with mask) in-person, in the library.

February 6: Genesis 1, creation and people in the image of God

February 13: Genesis 2-3 part 1 (Adam & Eve): human vocation in the garden.

February 20: Genesis 2-3 part 2: do we live in a fallen world?

February 27: Genesis 4, Cain and Abel: civilization rooted in envy and violence

March 6: Genesis 5-6, giants in the earth, wickedness and Noah’s obedience

March 13: Genesis 7-9, the Deluge, destruction and God’s first “rainbow” covenant

March 20: Genesis 11:1-9, the Tower of Babel, civilization, diversity, language.

March 27: Genesis 12, the Call of Abraham, salvation history, a promise of blessing to all nations.