Adult forums – Fall 2018

Theme: Ethics – Called to Care – and then, St. Paul

Our theme for September and October is ethics. What does our faith have to do with how we live in the world and the decisions we make? Our stewardship theme is “Called to Care” – how do we live out this calling?

Adult Forum meets in the library, from 9:15-10:15. We dig deep with an open spirit into questions that seem important to the life of faith. The childcare center is open downstairs during this time. Grab a cup of coffee on the way in, if you like, and join us!

September 16, 23 – Mark Bertelsen introduces the topic of ethics with a look at David Brooks, the question of character, and some of the themes that came up in last years’ forums.

September 30 – George Knudson leads us in conversation about how Lutherans approach ethics.

October 7 – Jesus taught us not to judge but to serve others. Kristin Menon shares her learnings on how Nonviolent Communication can be a tool to help us live this way.

October 14 – we’ll look at some of the ethics behind our efforts at accompaniment, sanctuary and asylum.

October 21 – “Have I got a proposition for you” – Joe Haletky will lead us in some conversation about the midterm elections.

October 28 – TAsylum ethics, p.2.

November -We will look at the life, times, teachings and relevance of Paul, including his experience on the road to Damascus and how he, a Jewish zealot, became a “Jesus Man” and planted the seeds in communities throughout the Roman Empire that eventually grew into what we call Christianity; and what is his legacy and on-going relevance to Christians today.