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Story, Vision, Institution

I’m always going back to the most basic question: “what is this whole Christianity thing about?” To some, it seems obvious: maybe that it’s about preserving patriarchal, traditional values – “and by the way, I want nothing to do with it.”  Others might be curious: I grew up in church.  Should I get my kids […]

The cross is upside-down

Sermon for Good Friday, based on the passion story of St John I probably watch more horror movies than most Lutheran pastors – not so much the gory as the spooky ones.  Rosemary’s Baby: maybe that’s the first horror movie with an upside-down cross as a prop?  Many folks have seen it: about people who seem […]

An Easter giving appeal

March 28, 2021 Dear friends of FLC, A greeting to you on this Palm Sunday, borrowed from letters of Paul: “Grace to you and peace in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Grace to us beyond our deserving, true peace and life to our hurting world: that’s what Holy Week and Easter are […]