The Conversation

Sundays at 9am

Sunday morning greetings and open-ended conversations about faith and life.  In the library, where we have a very nice hybrid setup – so join us in person or on zoom (use the red Sunday worship link, found on the homepage).

Image: FLC Sanctuary as reflected from the baptismal font – at a certain angle …

In Holy Baptism, God forgives us and claims us as beloved children in a public way we can hear and see and feel.

Baptism grounds our spirituality: we’re baptized on just one day, maybe when we’re babies, and yet it’s about how we live each day, face loss and embrace new beginnings.

Baptism grounds our identity: in a polarized world where it seems important to choose sides, words like “Christian” and certainly “Evangelical” shift in meaning – do we still identify? How might it be different to say “we’re the baptized?”

Baptism joins us to Christ: in his death and resurrection. So the season of Lent has traditionally been a time for focus on baptism, leading us to Holy Week and Easter.

Lent 2024.  Tentative schedule – conversations hosted by Kristin, Bernt and Holly:

February 18 – Introduction to Lent. Nick Larsen will share experiences of Holden Village, source of the evening prayer service we’ll be using Thursdays at 7.

February 25 – Introduction to Baptism as identity and spirituality, looking broadly at scripture, Lutheran tradition, infant vs. adult baptism, and the font in Sunday worship.

March 3 – Baptism and the Creed. In Baptism we say “I renounce the devil …” and then “I believe in God the Father …” What does it mean to confess our faith, especially if we still struggle with faith?

March 10 – Baptism practices in the ELCA. We’ll look more closely at the rites we use from the red hymnal, and practices such as sponsorship / being a godparent.

March 17 – Baptism and Easter. We’ll look at Romans 6 and other texts from the liturgy of the Easter Vigil to explore what it means to die and rise with Christ in Baptism.

March 25 – TBD