Your Building for the Future planning team is Don Harrier, Bob Roeser, John King, Wendy Lundeen, Beth Grote and Pastor Bernt. 


In celebration of our centennial in 2020, the Church Council is inviting gifts and pledges to fund improvements to the Parish Hall and Library.

  • We are asking for either 1). A pledge of support to be given in portions over one, two or three years: 2020, 2021, 2022.  (e.g. a $6000 pledge would be $2000 in 2020, $2000 in 2021, and $2000 in 2022)  OR 2). A one-time gift to be received by January 15, 2020. A one-time gift will reduce the amount FLC would have to borrow.
  • We hope to receive gifts and pledges by January 15, 2020, prior to our congregational meeting in early February and to begin outlining the project plan.
  • Please note that pledges to “Building for the Future” are separate from / over-and-above annual pledges to the general fund and ongoing ministry budget of the church.
  • There will also be ways to contribute time and talent to the project, such as work days for cleaning out the spaces.

What improvements are we planning?   The goal is to create a warm, inviting, flexible parish hall and if we can, the library:  new flooring, lighting, windows, and furniture as needed, improved communication areas: bulletin board, TV monitor, clearing of old furniture, unused books, etc.

Can we fund this?  We are asking you to consider contributing to this endeavor with a goal of raising $300,000. Based on an analysis of existing church funds and indications from members willing to contribute, we estimate that $200,000 is available from various sources. An amount that exceeds the $300,000 goal will be directed to furnishings, landscape improvements and other spaces.

Why are we doing this?  We’ll have a more functional and attractive space for current and future ministries of hospitality, worship, education and community.  We envision the use of these spaces for St Lucia dinner and dancing, men’s breakfasts, inter-generational games, wedding receptions, a multi-faith prayer circle, a folk music house concert, kids’ club and more.  For the non-member guests who use or pass through these spaces almost daily, we want to be hospitable and communicate who we are in a positive way.  Some of this work needs to be done to keep the facility properly maintained.

What is the plan?  The following is a draft schedule:

December—consider pledges towards this project!  We’ll be talking to contractors, getting bids, fine-tuning a proposed plan, developing a discussion opportunity and project schedule.

January—we will be asking for pledges by January 15, so the council (which meets January 21) can make a proposal for congregational approval at the semi-annual meeting in February.

February 2 Congregational Meeting at 11:45am—an opportunity to vote on plans for the facility upgrade as well as the general budget for 2020.

Spring 2020 into summer—construction to begin in early June, after our Pentecost celebration, and finish by August 23, our summer centennial celebration.