Children and Adults: An Invitation to Choir

Join us this Fall 2019

Adult Choir Begins in September!

You are invited to join our dynamic, fun, and collaborative group this fall beginning Saturday, September 7 at our Fall Retreat. The retreat is generously being hosted by our talented organist, Heather Paisar, at her home in Oakland and will begin at 10:00am and conclude at 3:00pm.

Music, Water, Lunch, and Laughs are provided.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact our music director, Lee Steward, before September 1 and make your lunch selection. This year the choir plans to perform a wide variety of music including works by Buxtehude, Finzi, and Purcell, as well as an exciting collaborative project with Grace and University Lutheran Churches this spring featuring the beautiful Charpentier Te Deum.  By joining our choir you will grow your vocal, musical, and spiritual skills each week. It is also a wonderful way to serve our church community as our members regularly donate their time and talents averaging over five hours per week during the choir season (September-May).

We encourage you to make the commitment to be a choir member, donate to the music fund (that supports our special concerts and programs), and give your full throated support to our music ministry beginning in September.

The First Kids Choir will resume our weekly supper and rehearsal on Thursday nights beginning September 5, with supper at 6pm followed by rehearsal from 6:30-7:30pm.

Provided by parent volunteers, our suppertime gives the children a place around the table together to decompress after their busy school day, and to reconnect with themselves and one another through a meal and conversation.

After supper, the children are led through a rehearsal that includes mindfulness and meditative exercises, movement activities, breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, sight-singing, rhythm games, note reading, and learning new songs. Once a month, the children sing a song for the 10:30 church service, offering a wide variety of songs in various languages and musical styles.

Our annual Santa Lucia pageant, Christmas Eve pageant, Easter Vigil song and skit, and participation on Easter morning are highlights of our year together. We also like to throw a party or two to reward all of the children’s hard work.

Emphasis is placed on increasing vocal and musicianship skills while maintaining a healthy balance of learning and fun. We hope your child can join us this year, whether it is at weekly suppers and choir rehearsals or during our seasonal events. Please contact Kids Choir director Angela  with any questions.