EHP Dinner in East Palo Alto

We are blessed.

We live in a beautiful area and many of us enjoy a very comfortable life.  At the same time, we’re aware that others who are close by struggle to make ends meet and afford the most basic housing.  How do we help?  In our conversations with neighbors it seems clear that people want to find ways to make a difference, but they aren’t sure how.  We’re willing not just to give, but to become personally involved.

The people of FLC have developed this fun opportunity to get to know neighbors in East Palo Alto and to serve a free, tasty dinner to hungry people of all ages, in partnership with the Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto.

We’d be happy to have others join us!  Contact Pastor Kate for more information.

Dinner is served: 5pm, the 4th Wednesday of every month, in the Parish Hall of St Francis Catholic Church – address: 1425 Bay Rd, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Some ways to get involved:

1. Join us for dinner between 5 – 6pm. We think the food is pretty tasty. The pastors and other volunteers like to sit and eat with guests – if you like, say “hello.”

2. Help provide food. We provide the recipes each month and there is also need for people to do shopping, transport ingredients to East Palo Alto, and cook the meal there to be ready for dinner.

3. Help serve and hang out. Servers show up at 4pm to prepare.  At 5pm we begin to carry food, drink, desserts to table – if you like, take a break to sit and eat and get to know our neighbors. Children (over the age of 8 – with parental permission) and youth really enjoy being servers, and there usually are guests who are children present to interact with.  We’re done by 6pm.