Slow Read: Exodus

9am Sundays, beginning October 29, 2023.

In the library, where we have a very nice hybrid setup – so join us in person or on zoom (use the red Sunday worship link, found on the homepage).

We’ll open the bible and take turns reading out loud.  We call it “slow read,” because we pause to ask questions, share insights and seek a message for today.  A facilitator provides a little background and keeps us going.

Moses meets God as a fire that burns but doesn’t consume.

The book of Exodus …

Is foundational to scripture as a whole, Old and New Testaments. In Luke’s gospel, Jesus refers to his own mission as an “exodus.”

Redemption – concern for the poor – the identity (and name, and glory) of God – forgiveness – free will (or hardened hearts?) – commandments – worship – Israel – Passover – deliverance – journey  …

These are just some of the main themes!  For now, we’re focusing on chapters 1-20.  Join us!

The famous story of deliverance through the sea connects to our identity as the baptized.

The experience of these freed slaves that connects to the experience of refugees and migrants in our world today.

They’re led by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

Join us in the Library (pictured) or on zoom!  (Red worship link, front page of website)

In the library and on zoom (use “worship” link on front page of website).

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