Slow Read: Genesis 1-12

February and March 2022. Adult Forum meets at 9am Sundays. We dig deep with an open spirit into questions of faith and life. Use the Sunday worship zoom link (website front page) or join us (with mask) in-person, in the library.

These first chapters of the Bible are sometimes called the “Primeval History,” but they aren’t just about the past.  Rather, the stories of creation, of Eden, Cain & Abel, Noah’s flood and Babel are very much about now: God’s good creation goes wrong and needs redeeming. Its themes are in the news every day: human dignity, vocation, worship, rivalry, violence, civilization, environmental catastrophe, law, hope and promise.

We’ll read through the entire text together, pausing for questions, insights and prayers – perhaps skimming a few of the geneologies.  A leader will facilitate – participants invited to lead a session or two! These are beautiful, mysterious and influential stories.