Getting Forward Together

By Pastor Bernt

It’s not the same as getting “back” together, as there’s no going back to the pre-pandemic world.  Our lives have changed in many ways these past years: loved ones lost, moves, new health realities, new routines, (speaking personally) kids off to college.  But there’s a “forward” together momentum around church that’s energizing: wonderful new staff with Rosamia and Jung Jin (bios on the website), new members (see elsewhere in this newsletter), people stepping into new roles such as planning inter-generational events or leading adult forum – and an encouraging recent congregational budget meeting.  

There’s great things happening that go unseen.  The other day I was around when John and a friend were finishing an asylum application for a recent immigrant (with connections to families we’ve helped before) who was fleeing terrible violence.  We got to stand together in our newly renovated fellowship hall, praying over her and the finished application.  Thanks for your support of this ministry.

These days I’m really appreciating the “together” moments on our journey “forward together.”  It’s wonderful when we can join even small gatherings together in the same space: a visit to someone’s home, a shared potluck, sitting together out front on the patio. Zoom continues to be an amazing gift allowing participation for those who don’t live close by or may have health concerns.  We’re actually going to consider a more permanent zoom setup for the sanctuary.   But I got used to being isolated and it’s such a gift to find even small ways out of it.  The best parts of church may be the most simple: being present and available to each other, any ways we can. When you’re able to join one of our in-person gatherings, do so! 

Holy Week – the central worship experience of the year – is all about getting forward together.  Forward: in that the week is all about a movement from the cross to the empty tomb, from loss to gain, fear to love, despair to hope, death to new life – in Christ, for each and every one of us.  Let it also be a together event: join us, at some or all of the services, on zoom or in-person, in the pew or up front and in fellowship.