Adult Forums, Early Fall 2021

We dig deep with an open spirit into questions of faith and life. Forum will meet on zoom 8:30-9:15am Sundays. Use the Sunday worship zoom link (website front page)..

From Calero County Park, near San Jose

Beginning September 19, 2021:

Sabbath, Sunday and the Gift of Time

During this pandemic, we faced questions about the use of time.  With more time at home, what do you do with it?  Tackle some “to-do” list?  Or nothing more ambitious than phone scrolling?  And what about those who didn’t get time to stay home, but had to be out working?  Was this just?

When you can’t physically go to church, do you do zoom worship?  Find other ways to celebrate the day?  What rituals help us get through a time of crisis?

The bigger question is: what do God and faith have to do with time management, ritual and rest? For Israel, being freed from slavery meant limits to work and a day of rest, the Sabbath.  Christians have Sunday.  How can we live and draw on these practices today?

Here are some of the topics we will or can discuss, depending on interest.  We invite you to take up any of these or related topics that interest you, and help lead a session!

  • Biblical passages about the Sabbath and its meaning, God’s rest at creation and ours, Old and New Testaments.  Related biblical topics such as Jubilee year, use of time, end times – and our stewardship theme: hope.
  • Families: what are your struggles, priorities in use of time?  Retirees: keeping busy?  Is that the goal?  Silicon Valley work life: is there balance?  The pandemic “Great Resignation.”
  • We’ll invite some Jewish friends talk about their celebration of Shabbat.
  • Justice and Sabbath: cancellation of debts, living wage, “rest as justice,” and our efforts to find time to serve those in need.
  • The history of how Christians have celebrated Sunday (using Justo Gonzalez’s recent book on the topic.  It wasn’t always “blue laws”…).
  • Practices for joyful use of time such as feasting, music, enjoying creation, retreats, daily prayer, church seasons, other?
  • What is the latest time management wisdom, when does it make sense, when doesn’t it?  A look at Oliver Burkeman’s recent book “Four Thousand Weeks” and topics such as priorities, procrastination, distraction, boredom, bucket lists, efficiency, saying no.
  • Struggles around time and technology, such as those raised by Time Well Spent / Center for Humane Technology.