Looking ahead to the Fall Stewardship Campaign

“A world in need now summons us
To labor, love, and give;
To make our life an offering
To God, that all may live.
The church of Christ is calling us
To make the dream come true;
A world redeemed by Christ-like love;
All life in Christ made new.”
– Frank von Christierson

When we talk about a “calling,” we usually refer to a career decision, a volunteer activity or a hobby—something that stirs our passion. A calling often requires a leap of the heart.

One can only imagine 100 years ago when a group of Swedish immigrants began to hear a call—to care for each other by coming together in communion. Their call took form when First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, was founded in 1920.

Our founders answered this call and showed us the way to care:
• for each other
• for our home at Homer and Webster
• for refugees
• for our neighbors near and far
• for the earth

Now, on the threshold of First Lutheran’s centennial, we are embarking on our 2019 Stewardship Campaign and invite you to listen for your call to care—financially, and with your time, talent and prayers. Please mark your calendars for Commitment Sunday, November 4.

Your stewardship committee,
John Allured, chair
George Knudson, Judy Larsen, Stephanie Leong, Joyce Rice, Pastors Bernt Hillesland and Katherine Marshall