On using zoom

Use a smartphone, tablet or computer – pretty much anything that can go on the internet and has a microphone and video recorder built in.  (Alternatively, you can just dial in with a phone – see instructions below). On the zoom website, there are simple instructions for getting started available here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting
A few pointers – we’ll provide more as we go:

  1. You’ll see options to turn off and on your video and/or microphone.  The person running the meeting can mute everyone’s microphone if it’s needed (such as to hear one person speaking or singing).  As for video, we’d love to see you, but we understand if you’d rather not be shown on screen.  If you’re on video, it’s harder to see your face if there’s light coming from behind you
  2. If there’s more than one device tuned into the zoom meeting in the same room, it’s important to have one of the devices disconnected from audio.  Otherwise, there will be loud feedback audible to everyone.
  3. Consider using headphones in order to hear better.  Some headphones have a built in microphone which may make your voice easier to hear.
  4. It’s fine to tune into a meeting a few minutes early and hang around a few minutes afterwards.  That way, you can see and catch up with others doing the same thing (and get a little practice with zoom)
  5. Let us know if you’re having trouble – friends at FLC would be happy to help get you going.

Here’s the instructions for using the phone to access Sunday worship meeting (thanks to Michael A):

1)  Call this phone number (San Jose) :  1 (669) 900-6833
2) You will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID: 248 131 217
3) It will ask you to enter your participant ID, or press pound. Just press pound.
4) You will be added to the meeting and should hear the meeting audio.