Spring Intergenerational Events

by Pastor Kate

(Image above: from our Valentines’ Day Event)

Exciting Intergenerational Events coming up this Spring and Summer!

We have been so lucky as a church community, living with Covid, to be able to do more together as a church! Since the summer, we have had so many nice gatherings, celebrations and chances to serve and share with others. Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Well, we have more opportunities for fellowship, fun and important events in the making for this spring and summer! Our Sunday School teachers, Intergenerational Ministry group, and others are making plans that we are excited about and hope you will join in the fellowship and service with us!

Easter: We invite youth of all ages to be a part of an Easter Vigil skit about Jonah and the Whale. We will rehearse on both Sunday April 3rd and April 10th from 11:00- 1:00 pm ( lunch provided). Please contact Pastor Kate if your youth would like to participate in the telling of this important story!

Annual Pancake Breakfast ( hosted by John King and our church youth) and Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning.  More details to come!

Intergenerational Service Event “ Bees, Butterflies and God’s Creation”  at church on Saturday, April 23rd from 10-12:30pm ( including lunch). We will be celebrating Earth Day with a focus on the stewardship of our natural environment. Be on the lookout for more information. If you would like to be involved in helping plan this important and fun event, please contact Pastor Kate (pastork@flcpa.org) or Carol Larsen (clarsonca@yahoo.com).

Mt.Cross Camp is visiting First Lutheran on Sunday, May 1st! Adam Erickson, the executive director will join us in worship where he will preach and share fun camp music with the kids. This is the time to ask questions about what is going on at Mt. Cross and offer our support.

 June 12-17th is a special week set aside for churches in the Peninsula and San Francisco. There are week-long overnight camp options available for youth. For more information about what the camp has to offer, you can go to mtcross.org and learn more.

Some other possible plans in the making include honey tasting, a service project involving an animal theme, and a lemonade stand on August 20th. We are also looking into a possible work day at Mt. Cross!

 Please do reach out to Pastor Kate or Carol Larsen if you have any ideas, time,or energy to share!

Take good care,

Pastor Kate