Rosamia Morales Valdez, Office Manager

Rosamia is involved with scheduling, publications and communication.  She’s a long time EPA resident with experience and training in social media and event planning.  You can read more about Rosamia here.  

Katherine Marshall, (Co-) Pastor

Pastor Kate is involved with worship, accompaniment, intergenerational and other areas of ministry.  She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley and has served congregations in Oregon, Washington State and California.  Read more about Pastor Kate here.

Jung Jin Kim, Music Director

Jung Jin is an award-winning organist and enthusiastic church musician. She has served as a church musician for over 20 years.
Praising God is the main reason that she studied music, and she takes great joy in music for worship. You can learn more about Jung Jin here.

Bernt Hillesland, (Co-) Pastor

Pastor Bernt (pronounced Bear-nt, one syllable) is involved with worship, music, teaching and other areas of ministry.  He is a graduate of Yale Divinity School in Connecticut and has served congregations in Washington State and California.  You can read more about Pastor Bernt here.