Summer Fellowship 2018

All are welcome!  Invite your friends and neighbors.

Monday, May 28 Memorial Day Talent Show and Potluck– Come share your talents with us from the kitchen to the stage! All are welcome to participate from the silly to the serious–end-of-the-school year recital programs, jokes you love to tell, anything goes! Potluck will begin at 4:00 PM. Signups are in the fellowship hall. Contact Margaret and Soren for details.

June 22nd Picnic in the Park– Join us at Hoover Park around 6:00 pm for a laid back end to the work week and to give our teens a Bon Voyage as they leave for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering. Pizza will be ordered. Bring something to drink. RSVP for a rough estimate.

July 14 Summer Redwood Hike in Wunderlich- information here …

August 18 National Lemonade Day Sale– Join us for a fun afternoon at FLC with our youth who will be selling lemonade to the local neighborhood. Sales start at 3:00 pm but lemon squeezers and sign-makers should arrive at 2:00. The kids will pick an organization to support. Adults please bring lemons, treats to sell and a hankering  for lemonade!