Thursday 10am Bible Study

10am – 11am weekly in the library.

We have a steady attendance of 4—6 people plus Pastor Kate at this 10:00 am gathering. Normally we read and discuss the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday, but occasionally we discuss the Old Testament reading or the Epistle reading. Our discussions are free-ranging: historical background, context, the meaning of Greek words, personal experiences, questions. Each person may say what portion of the reading stands out to them, or what lesson for present-day life can be learned, or what seems puzzling. Some people mostly listen, others talk. A wide range of thoughts are expressed. One of the most interesting phenomenons is the impression at the beginning of the session that we’ve heard a particular reading over and over and there’s no more to be learned. Then we start to talk, the hour flies by, and we’ve gained new and unexpected insights. Furthermore on Sunday, if the sermon is based on the same reading, we listen carefully and more often than not, we learn about a completely new facet that we had not thought of on Thursday. It all goes to demonstrate the richness of the scriptures. All are welcome.