Slow Read, First John

Sundays at 9am

We’ll open the bible to the book of First John and take turns reading it out loud from beginning to end. We call it “slow read” because we pause to ask questions, share insights, and seek clarity about the meaning and how it’s relevant to us. A facilitator provides a little background and keeps us going. If you’re new to bible reading, this is a perfect starting point.

The book of First John is about 10 pages long and full of lovely images like darkness and light. Its most famous claim – that “God is love” – may just sound nice or sentimental, but challenges assumptions about the meaning of both “love” and “God.” Topics include: what does it mean to be a part of the church? What’s our message? What do we believe about Jesus, and why does it matter that he had a human body? What does our faith have to do with the people around us and their needs? How do we see the world? What is the walk we are to walk?

This conversation series will tie in beautifully to worship. On Sundays after Easter, we’ll be hearing weekly readings from First John.

The Conversation: Sunday morning greetings and open-ended conversations about faith and life.  In the library, where we have a very nice hybrid setup – so join us in person or on zoom (use the red Sunday worship link, found on the homepage).